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Tue, Jul. 15th, 2014, 11:13 pm
All da sports anime

Been watching a lot of sports anime lately--though perhaps I shouldn't say "watching" when I've only been half paying attention to the animated high school boys running around and screaming on my TV screen.


Huh, really fanservicey, but the first season is interesting in that it's not about going to Nationals. I found myself quite moved at times. As [personal profile] troisroyaumes put it, there's "a surprisingly hard nut in the center of all the chocolate." And then I summed up the theme of Free! as "freedom within bondage. But not that kind of bondage." Pretty apt for this show, methinks.

Fave character: Makoto. I like nice, slightly pathetic guys.

Eyeshield 21

I thought I'd like this one a lot more than I do. I stopped reading when they started playing against the Egyptian team. Somehow I am just not emotionally invested. I do like Hiruma and his guns and Kurita and his chestnut-shaped body though.

Fave character: probably Hiruma, in a scared way.


The only series out of this list where most of the characters (so far) look like they could actually be in high school. Very cute series, with great music too. I like it when Kageyama does something extremely mean to Hinata.

The scriptwriters definitely need to cut down on the character chit-chat when the ball is in the air though. The ball just can't defy gravity that long without the audience getting suspicious! It was especially bad during the Asahi intro episodes. As a result I kind of (unfairly) hate Asahi.

Fave character: Sugawara. I like nice, slightly pathetic guys.

Diamond no Ace/Ace of Diamond

I watched about half an episode and hated it. Hate the animation, hate the main character, and it doesn't help that I kind of hate baseball to begin with.

Yowamushi Pedal

My friend who hates Kuroko no Basket because it's "an insult to basketball fans" told me to watch Yowamushi Pedal instead, so I assumed YowaPeda would be pretty realistic. HA.

Fun series, would like it more if I liked bicycling.

Fave characters: Makishima's hair. Midousuji's...body movements.

Ping Pong

Just watched a few episodes. Man, that is some...interesting animation. It grows on you, but when I'm watching I can never stop thinking about how much easier it would be to animate this series than others. It's a more realistic series, which fits the animation style, but it sure doesn't pick you up the way most sports anime does.

Interestingly, main character Tsukimoto is voiced by the same guy who does Tsukishima in Haikyuu. They sound exactly the same and have pretty much exactly the same personalities and their names are even similar.

Fave character: Not sure yet. Maybe Peco/Hoshino.

Kuroko no Basket/Kuroko's Basketball

This series is Slam Dunk on drugs. And pretty boys. And shounen wish-fulfillment (actually every single series I've mentioned here is full of shounen wish-fulfillment).

To illustrate that last point: there's this moment in the anime when Kagami pushes his bangs back and looks exactly like Sakuragi from Slam Dunk. When I saw it, I pointed at Kuroko and said to my brother, "This is every Japanese schoolboy's dream: to play basketball beside Sakuragi. They wanna be his shadow. To pass to him before he dunks." Right? Right?

So I watched all the anime so far on Crunchyroll (two seasons) and all the manga available right now (up to chapter x), in part because I keep getting spoiled on Tumblr and I want to make myself unspoilable. I think I prefer the anime because it's way easier to tell characters apart--the mangaka really likes to draw the same hairstyle on everyone and the faces are all very similar.

Now, I know the fandom is HUGE for this series and several people on my flist are writing for it, so there is a certain kind of appeal to KnB that the other series lack. I am slightly afraid of being sucked into the fandom whirlpool though! It is a ginormous whirlpool! Prince of Tennis-like in scope! Just to test out the fandom waters I read a few KnB fics by [personal profile] readerofasaph and I was kind of like, "ugh, these are so amazing, I bet there are all kinds of amazing fics in this humongous fandom, do I really want to get into this, well I'll just leave some kudos," and the next thing I knew [personal profile] troisroyaumes was messaging me all casual-like and saying wouldn't it be great if I wrote KnB fic, preferably crossed over with Slam Dunk, wahaha. Conspiracy to get me to procrastinate on RL work and original writing? I THINK SO. We'll see how it goes.

Fave character: Kise. I like nice, slightly pathetic guys. And exceedingly pretty ones. I bet there are all sorts of hilarious fics where Kise copies porn moves and is just slightly worse at it than the originals.

After bingeing on so much sports anime, I think what I really want is a series that deconstructs sports anime. A show that would expose the id of the shounen sports protagonist! That would reveal the consequences of maiming yourself for life (physically, mentally, academically) so you could get a measly high school trophy! The Evangelion of sports anime! Ha ha, come to think of it I would probably hate it.

I also really want to watch a female sports series one of these days. (At least Haikyuu acknowledges that a girls' team exists at the school.) I need to look up that girl tennis show I saw a bit of once...

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Thu, Jul. 17th, 2014 11:04 pm (UTC)

KnB is pretty much Prince of Tennis, basketball edition. I think it's the same reason it's wildly successful. Yeah as a basketball fan you cringe watching/reading it, which is why I pretty much can't even be bothered with reading the matches. But the fact that it brings awareness to the sport makes up for the amount of things you get upset about. The real reason I don't like KnB and can't take it seriously is because of Aomine, who absolutely killed any sort of hope I had for even some realism in the series.

Eyeshield 21's manga is actually pretty good. You stopped pretty much just before the series starts to pick up. I can't speak for the anime whatsoever.

And lulz at your expectation that Yowamushi Pedal was going to be realistic.

As for girls sports series, Bamboo Blade, Teppu, Ace wo Nerae!, Ro Kyu Bu (kinda shitty), and Yawara! come to mind. There's a number of baseball ones but I'm not interested in baseball even the slightest bit. There's also one about calligraphy but I don't think you'd be much interested.

Fri, Jul. 18th, 2014 03:53 am (UTC)

Yep, KnB is the next PoT, with slightly less crack methinks. I'm surprised you kept the hope alive for realism in KnB all the way up to Aomine--I would think Kuroko and Midorima would be enough to kill it for you.

Huh, I'll try picking up the Eyeshield manga again. The anime is just okay.

Thanks for the girl sports anime recs! I think I'll try Ace o Nerae! I like tennis well enough and from the one episode I saw of it it looks pretty entertaining. And yeah, I have no interest in baseball or calligraphy anime. Or soccer for that matter.

Sat, Jul. 19th, 2014 03:27 am (UTC)

No, because I get that sports manga tend to be caricatures. I think the most apt way to describe the difference between Slam Dunk and KnB is that the personalities in Slam Dunk are caricatures, but in KnB it's their basketball playing style. But anyway, neither Kuroko or Midorima are completely infallible. Aomine pretty much goes against all that basketball is about, i.e. a player that cannot lose because of his skill alone, and a player that can't find a better opponent anywhere else. There is no such thing as that in team sports like basketball because something as simple as a triple team will severely hamper pretty much any player. You can send 3 high-school level basketball players out to guard Kobe Bryant and he would struggle mightily to score consistently because that's just the nature of the game. I remember you posted something previously about what makes a character likeable, and Aomine is the antithesis of that.

Slam Dunk has a healthy perspective of players' having restrictions or being aware there's someone out there that's better, and frankly even PoT gives that a nod. KnB does a relatively poor job of that with their Generation of Miracles stuff.

Sat, Jul. 19th, 2014 04:39 pm (UTC)

Yeah, I don't feel much toward characters that never lose (though I don't actively dislike them). I remember rapidly losing my affection for Echizen in the PoT manga after he started steamrolling everyone. I do think by the end of KnB everyone will have lost at least once though. It's one of the big, explicit morals of the story: losing is good for you! As soon as any of the Generation of Miracles loses he becomes a much more likeable character. That's one reason the show sucks at first (the other reason is that the mangaka withholds backstory) but gets better as it goes along. The goal of the series becomes not just the typical "Win at Nationals!" scenario but also "Make the Generation of Miracles not be assholes!" I at least appreciate the fact that the mangaka chose to do something a little different. Everyone likes reading about the fall of kings. In the end KnB will be more to my liking than the PoT manga, I think. (The PoT anime is a different animal.)

The basketball in KnB though...I think it might actually be getting worse, especially in the latest arc. Like in PoT, the super-moves are getting too ridiculous. No one could possibly think that the powers of the last two members of the Generation of Miracles are at all within the realm of possibility. It's basically magic. I guess it's less misleading than Aomine though.

Man, I miss SD fandom so much. I could actually kind of sort of describe the basketball in fic with SD, but with KnB all I want to do is parody it.